Monday, 6 August 2007

the plot thickens

At 7ish this a.m., this appeared.

And then this new Dalektite creature.

Then Dalek 3.0 sprouted some kind of cord or arm or ...?

Then this guy showed up to inspect.
I think he has found some tracks or scat or ...?

He calls in another expert,
but expert 2.0 seems just as puzzled.

The experts are applying some heat to a couple of the Dalek 2.0s.

So far 3.0 has survived but they did manage to shrink it to about 1/2 its former size.

I feel so sorry for the inspectors. Most people are enjoying the Simcoe Day holiday but the inspectors are ever vigilant and will not rest until they have secured the safety of the planet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I never thought those could be daleks but now i see they are all around us. we need captain Jack

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