Friday, 14 September 2007

women hold up half the sky

Yesterday was my birthday. Happy birthday to me!
My Mum and Dad called in the morning to ask if it was okay to come to my house before we went to the restaurant because my present was too big to take there. Wheee! How the hours until 6 o'clock seemed to stretch out.

They brought me this:
They had framed my poster from the Shanghai Ballet performance of the White Haired Girl at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in May 1977. I have always loved this poster and it has been resting rolled up at my parents' house since the early eighties when they moved from Ottawa and dismantled my girlhood bedroom.

It was a great night. I think we were there on opening night. We went to a reception hosted by the Chinese embassy and met some of the dancers.

Below you can see a video clip of Mao Huifang dancing the title role.

You can see the whole ballet on YouTube.

The first clip is here:

The second clip is here:
At about 5 minutes her braid comes undone and her shirt turns pale pink, at six minutes her clothes and hair turn grey and at 8:15 her clothes and hair turn white. The dance depicted in the poster starts at about 22:00. The pas de deux starts at about 29:00. The moment depicted in the poster is at around 37:52.

The White Haired Girl was one of the Eight Model Plays and an artifact of the Cultural Revolution. I do not want to glorify that time on my blog but it is also an artifact from my own personal history and I think it is important to reflect upon what we in the west knew, thought and felt about China in the 70s and how that shaped our political attitudes and actions.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

excellent birds

My BC cousin sent me this picture
of an adventure towl
(yes - that IS how it is spelled)
and two Steller's Jays looking for peanuts.

The adventure towls were
my camping gift this year.

My cousin gave me one of

So cool.

The best.

Thanks so much.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

back to bc

I am back from BC. I forgot to take the recharger for my camera battery and had not charged it before I left so I only managed a few photos before it kacked out.

We went to a bird sanctuary to test out new binoculars,

feed the birds ... and us :-)

and take some photos.

Later we went back to Ruckle Park on Saltspring Island.

The blue tent is about where our tent was on our last visit and the white tent is about where the orange tent was in the post below.

Our old campsite was taken so we found one a little further southwest.

On the second and third nights we abandoned our tent and slept on these rocks under the big moon and the starry starry sky. The first tentless night it was just binocular boy, his mum and me. My head was close to a blackberry bush and my cousin awoke in the night to see a deer eating blackberries.

On the second tentless night, my aunt, 2 cousins, cousin-in-law, 2 sons-of-a-cousin (see the post below) and I wrapped ourselves in everything we could find and sailed to the land of nod in our rocky wave-swept cradle.

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