Sunday, 27 July 2008

our pal writes a theme

superstar! rate now. vote oct 4. and again oct 9?

Why is this happening?

The old theme:


Anonymous said...

Over the past several weeks, Canada has learned that CBC Sports is looking for a new Hockey Anthem for HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA. Though the entire country has grown to love the old theme song, it's time to move into a new phase of music and hockey.

The search has begun to find the new hockey anthem and YOU CAN PARTICIPATE in helping CBC find it.

You can submit an entry or view those already submitted at http:/

But you don't have to submit an entry to get involved! EVERYONE can participate in helping us choose the winning entry.

Come bring your opinions to our Hockey Anthem Facebook page and let the debating begin!

You can also rate an entry and post a comment on the below Website.

Fan favourites can go a long way in Canada's Hockey Anthem Challenge, so get involved and help select HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA'S new Hockey Anthem.

Facebook Page:

Website: http:/ said...

What is the matter CBC? That was not enough advertising for you?

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