Sunday, 1 November 2009

goodbye adela

Adela and I worked at the school board together. We are both literacy workers but our work together was mostly at the union: first at CUPE Local 3452 and then, after amalgamation, at CUPE Local 4400.

Adela was chief steward at 3452 when I started working at the school board. I became a steward and she was my chief. Later, when Adela was elected Vice President, I became chief steward and she was still my chief. And what a chief she was—a funny, feisty warrior who led us and mentored us through good times and hard times with grace, humour and smarts.

This picture is from the Toronto Day of Action on October 26, 1996. Adela was a marshal for the parade. I always remember how beautiful and uplifting it was to come around the corner and see her standing there in the sunshine smiling and clapping for us. It was an amazing day and Adela was an amazing woman. The whole universe will miss her but especially those of us who knew her.

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