Saturday, 11 December 2010

oranges and lemons

Okay - so what has been going on you ask. Why no posts?

I got behind and then more behind.

I went to London in July and stayed there for six weeks. I planned to keep you updated but just got too busy. I still plan to add some photos from the trip. Heh heh.

While I was away the people who bought the house where I lived evicted me. They said that one of them needed to move into the coach house. There was a hearing and a lawyer and endless emails. All while I was trying to pack up and find a new place to live. Which I did with the help of many.

I found a nice new apartment not far from the old one and moved on October 5. Now life is easy peasey lemon squeezy for me again. Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult is all over.

I have been getting sorted. Unpacking was more fun than t should have been. Mum and Dad came over every day for the first week and helped unpack and fold paper and boxes. They kitted out my bathroom with curtains and mats and hooks.

My cousin took me to that Swedish housewares store and I ordered some bookshelves and a fancy fold-away desk. I have been assembling furniture and moving it here and there.

And I have started a couple of new projects.

So busy lizzy orange fizzy is why there has been no juice here.

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