Sunday, 8 March 2009

baseball classic

Our friend from Ottawa arrived on Friday with wine, baseball tickets and the usual large dose of joie de vivre. He took my Dad, my sis and me to the World Baseball Classic Canada versus USA game. You can see him here re-enacting a moment from the game with a baguette. For me, a good visit with a longterm friend is a fine balance between basking in beloved memories and creating new ones that will keep us warm through future winters. This was great visit.

And the game was great too. We had the best seats. We were right behind the Canada bench on the third base side in row 13. It ended USA 6 : Can 5. Even though Canada did not win I do not think even the Canadian fans left disappointed. I do not follow baseball these days. The Skydome is a super-irritating place to be and at some point I lost interest in watching games on tv. This game took me back to the days before the Blue Jays won a World Series. They would leave hundreds of men on base every game but we were happy to spend much of the game anticipating great rallies. For me, it is good baseball when we can joyfully anticipate rallies, joyfully appreciate each beautiful moment as it floats by, and leave joyful regardless the final outcome. Saturday's game was good baseball.

The next game was to be Venezuela v. Italy (Venezuela won 7 : 0). We sat near a group of Venezuelan fans. We saw the Venezuelan team warming up as we were leaving.

The friend-from-Ottawa wrote this about Stubby Clap for the Toronto Star - Stubby: a one-of-a-kind Canuck


suz said...

Hi T,
Funny seeing the baguette re baseball...D and I went down to the park a few days ago with a baseball and a two-week old baguette from Terra breads that got lost behind the deep-freeze (yes, I'm still as good a housekeeper as ever). We thought we'd see how many hits could turn it into breadcrumbs. It splintered in one good hit and we smashed up the remains and threw it over the breakwater for the gulls! said...

wow. too bad it did not last longer. maybe you shud have left it behind the freezer another week. but at least the gulls had a treat. hi dylan!

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