Saturday, 28 February 2009

happy birthday mum

Happy Birthday to you
Thanks for all that you do
You look after us well
And make a great stew

Just in case there is still any doubt, I am NOT a poet but once, for an online course I was facilitating, I wrote a note poem about my Mum.

Sometimes when we came home from school--when we were much older than we are in the picture below of course--my Mum would be out. She would leave us a note to tell us where she was. My mother always wrote very short notes. Usually they were just 2 lines. Something like:

Bank Street.

Here is my poem:
Travelling Mum

Bank Street Mum
Market Mum
Downtown Mum
Art Centre Mum

So many Mums?

But a Mum who always
comes home to become

Kitchen Mum
Garden Mum
Front Porch Mum
Laundry Room Mum

and Bedroom Mum
tucking us in before sleep.

See the poem on the course page here.

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