Saturday, 14 February 2009

frankled eggs

I met my friend Nancy at the AGO. Still loving it. My Mum and Dad bought me a membership and I am thrilled.

Nancy and I poked around the galleries for a couple of hours and then Nancy treated me to lunch at the restaurant Frank. Look how nicely they present the salt in a little shell. Sea salt. Get it?

We both had the scrambled eggs. I had mine without the veal demi glace and we both agreed that they were better that way. They have some kind of truffle oil in them and they are delicious -- the best scrambled eggs outside of the ones my Mum makes which are truly supreme. And for $16 they had better be, eh?

All the wines are from Ontario and we chose a sauvignon blanc. Perfect.

Thank you Nancy for a most excellent lunch and, most especially, for your most excellent company.

(For a gritty AGO surprise, check out this post at Downtown Dust Bunnies.)

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