Friday, 20 February 2009

ich bin ein beavertail

Beavertails are a Canadian version of one of the world's most beloved treats: fried dough covered in sugar. I don't remember beavertails being part of my Ottawa childhood diet. An internet search reveals that beavertails arrived in the Byward Market in 1980 - the year I left Ottawa. Coincidence?

I have tried the Grouse Mountain version with lemon juice and enjoyed it immensely. I also have fond memories of churros in Spain, funnel cakes on the Jersey Shore, beignets in Washington DC and donuts at my Grandma's house. I certainly understand Mr. Obama's craving. Here is how it went down yesterday afternoon -- a series of delicious events that prompted one pundit to name President Obama's visit The Beavertail Summit.

It brings to mind another beloved American president,
an international visit...

... and ... donuts.
Warning: NSFW - some swearing.

This president did not call himself a donut.
Some worried that he almost called Ottawa Iowa by mistake,
but his proclamations of love for Canada
and his hearty enjoyment of the sweets he found here
banished all recriminations.

For an American view of the BT, see the Oddly Enough Blog.

My reply:
Sure we have an excess of flags, but so does Bhutan.
And on the subject of poutine, here’s why Mr. Obama should be happy that he went to Ottawa and not Toronto: poutine_chain_set_to_unleash_gravy_curds _on_toronto/
More about Obamawa from this blog.

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Hey, thanks for linking to my Oddly Enough blog. Please come back often and bring your friends.

Bob Basler

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