Tuesday, 23 June 2009

why i call her ant

Here is a picture from 1962 of Ant and me in the backyard of the house at Dovercourt and Bloor where we all lived. I have been told that I am playing with a sparkly, dangly thing on her shoe.

At that time, one of my favourite books was Bobby the Dog, beautifully illustrated by Pierre Probst.

When Bobby waters his garden, a little ant has to put up her umbrella to keep dry. My dad told me that the little ant was an ant like my Aunt Beulah. So Aunt Beulah became Ant.


Cousin S said...

I'm so glad to finally know the history of "Ant!"
K and I call her "Birdie" because one of us (pretty sure it was K)once very rudely said "Blech Birdie's boots" about her pointy glittery golden slip-on boots. Remember them?!

tracey.ca said...

oh funny! i thought it was k but didn't know it was the boots she was talking about. yes i remember them! i think my mum had some also. i LOVED them. we used them for dress up. was just thinking about how aunt beulah is called ant by us, birdie by your family and bunny by her old girl network. lots of animal nicknames ... i wonder why?

tracey.ca said...

also Honey by her mum and dad. a woman of many names.

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