Sunday, 31 January 2010

for kiley

rover at pooh corner.
toys by julie mollins.


kiley said...

You darling for posting Rover (and Puss In Boots)! Thank you! Your house always seemed magical to me. Your silly dad with his Olive Fingers, you two golden girls to play with, your mom and her turtles, sunshine and hopscotch, and lots of hooting and hollering over smorgasboards and brunches ...


k. said...

Funny that. Your Mum and Dad were always magic for us. When we first met them your Dad had the little red sports car and your Mum and played guitar. We used to visit your Mum after the dentist and she would feed us brie and sesame crackers and we would work on a hooked rug. Then you two little babies came along and brought your own magic. In my memory, those times are wrapped in a sunshiney glow.

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