Sunday, 18 April 2010


Last week we cleaned, raked and weeded the garden space and put down some fertilizer - regular, odourless fertilizer that is usually used by urban gardeners, not the smelly poo that [redacted because of this request] favours :)

We found a new sprig of the Sophie Setnyk Memorial Onion. Last year this onion grew to glorious heights and graced a very special pizza in a very special way so I decided to protect it with a tomato cage until it could grow big enough to fend for itself.

Another thing about Mrs. Setnyk was her love of flowers - a love so profound that she decorated the garden with silk and plastic flowers in places and at times where flowers could not thrive.

This morning I went out to let Callum out for a romp ... and look!

The Sophie Setnyk Memorial Onion has been decorated in true Mrs. Setnyk style. Much of her beautiful legacy garden has been covered over by the new management ... ironically(?) her beautiful border of lilies and phlox has been replaced with rows and rows of onions.

Thank you garden elves for bringing this little touch of whimsy back to the garden. It is as if a long lost friend has dropped by for a visit.


Sean said...

I've always admired those "flowers" proudly showing their colours during the cold and grey Winter months, but knowing that they wouldn't survive the gentrification of the new Regime, I'm glad that Maria agreed with my suggestion to salvage the last few...For their continued colour.

RIP Mrs.Setnyk said...

Thanks Elf. You are the best. A bunch of them got mowed last year - I saved a few petals but they did not amount to much. I am glad you saved these lovelies.

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