Saturday, 23 May 2009

gardening newbie

Last year my landlady, queen of the garden, died. Her little vegetable plot near my back door was filling up with weeds and it just seemed wrong. I know NOTHING about gardening but I thought that perhaps it was time to learn. I asked my new landlord, her son, if we could do some planting. He said yes.
Here is what the plot looked like this morning.

And this is what it looked like after I weeded.

Here is the weed pile.

I think Mrs. Setnyk or her friend Maroushka planted this onion. We miss them. We miss their good gardening and the way they rooted our household. But we still have the wonderful flowers, the fabulous rose tree outside my window and this onion.

My dad came by with some henpoop fertilizer and my first tomato plants! Thanks Dad.

I raked in the fertilizer.

I guess I exposed a few unlucky worms and that attracted a couple of hungry robins looking for easy pickings. Sorry worms. And sorry blog readers if this video makes you seasick - robins are very jumpy :P

These robins had no trouble gobbling these worms, unlike some other Toronto robins.

I planted the 8 tomato plants and the robin stood guard.

Here is the garden plot Saturday afternoon.

I did some more garden chores - raking and sweeping. A housemate came home and we sorted some stinky garbage problems and swept up a bit more. Here is the snack and the gin & tonic the garden fairies prepared for us as a reward for a job well done.

The other housemates (there are 4 apartments in our house) want to grow things as well so we are going to get some more plants tomorrow.

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Flora said...

Your community garden sounds so, well, CUBAN!! lol!!
I couldn't stop listening to the sawing sound in the background. I sometimes miss all the city noises and for a minute there I was transported to our little east york semi!!
Can't wait to see your garden progress. You'll be hooked, I'm sure! And WHAT A GREAT DAD!!!

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