Sunday, 10 May 2009

mum day

Mum and Dad came over for lunch. The day started out chilly and cloudy so we ate inside. Do not worry. I gave them more food than this. We started with a plate of pears, figs and cambazola and a glass of kir royale. We had squash soup followed by rice with grilled veg and tuscan beans (navy beans cooked with garlic and sage) and the tuscan cabbage slaw and tomato salad you see here.

I gave Mum a hat because she is a great Mum and I want her to be happy in the sun.

Mum gave me an orchid, some tea towels and candies.

The sun came out so we went outside for blackberry-walnut cake and coffee.

Then we talked via Skype to daughter #2 who lives in London, England.

When D2 had to go, Mum and I chatted in the garden and Dad did the dishes. It got cold when the sun started to go behind the trees so Mum and I came in and watched the Coronation Street DVDs my Dad got for her. Dad went for a walk to Dufferin Grove. When he got back we chatted for a bit and off they went.

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