Wednesday, 27 May 2009

hoser and not a hoser

It is a rainy day. The birds are eating worms and the flowers are soaking it all in.

We do not have a hose. It has been very sunny and windy and I have been having a hard time keeping up with the watering. Every time I turn around, someone else has wilted and I have to rush over with the watering can to resuscitate the latest victim. You can see how happy the baby plants are to have a good, long shower.

The hanging plants are starting to flower already. Nice one, rainy day.

I would like to thank whoever put this in the alley as garbage. It is perfect. The stand I had would not hold the umbrella up in even the most gentle breeze - I had to bungy cord it to the table. This stand is like the rock of Gibralter and the umbrella held its ground through some pretty hefty winds that were knocking lots of other stuff asunder before the rain came.

And thanks to Mr. Toad for leaving his garbage in our yard!?!?

Speaking of Mr. Toad, he had a huge fight with someone in the alley this afternoon. It seemed to consist mostly of him yelling epithets at a guy who returned the favour with the exact same epithets. It was all very alpha alpha. I was too scared to go and see who was yelling at him and why. Just now a police person was in my yard trying to find out what property the garage next door belongs to. Coincidence?

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Nancy Friday said...

Apollo rising - Tracey you can always make me laugh - more than once over the same photos!

Your garden is looking great! Lots of great salad stuff there I see.

Green thumbs up!!!


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