Sunday, 24 May 2009

the real victoria day

We had a housemate consultation about the garden and two of us went to the garden centre to get some plants. The garden centre was BUSY but everything went smoothly. As we were walking in I was looking at the mayhem and wondering how I was going to get a cart when a smiling gardening centre worker rolled one up and said, "Are you looking for this?"

Even the huge line to pay moved at a lightning pace.

At one point, I was standing by our cart while my co-gardener was looking for cilantro and for some reason I said, "Sweet peas" out loud. A young gardening centre worker suddenly popped up and said, "Are you looking for sweet pea vines?" I wasn't but I said yes and he practically ran down the aisle to show me where they were. He told me that sweet peas are his favourite flower and he has them all over his apartment. His advice is a sunny window and LOTS of water. "The problem is that most people do not water them enough," was his parting shot. I picked out 8 sweet pea plants to climb the fence behind the veggies.

We walked up and took a cab back. We lucked out and got one of the rare, great cab drivers who laughed a lot and helped us with our packages.

The universe loves our garden.

When we got home, the planted tomatoes looked parched so we gave them a drink.

The garden fairies saw that we also needed sustenance so they prepared us another snack.

And on that good fuel, we got the plants settled in.

After all that I was exhausted but this time I did not have to rely on the reliable garden fairies because Mum invited us for dinner.

We had soup,

followed by salads,

followed by trifle!

in honour of Queen Victoria's actual birthday.

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Nancy Friday said...

Wow! I am now starving just walking through that lovely meal! You Mollins really know how to do Victoria Day!!! :) Nancy

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