Saturday, 7 July 2007

the beales

After we had explored the rocks, Ronalda and I walked into the town

past the goats

to the Jo Beale Gallery.We looked at the art and chatted with Jo. I bought some beautiful watercolour cards and took a picture through her window. I told her that I used to go to school with her brothers Kelly and Tobias. She said that Tobias might be at Beale's Bailiwick (a gift shop) and that Kelly might be at the Old Red Schoolhouse painting the door.

We checked BB but no Tobias.

We walked up to the ORS.

We saw signs of work but no sign of Kelly.
And, as you can see,
the door had not yet been painted.

We heard a thumping noise coming from here and we called out his name but still no Kelly. Perhaps the thumping was the wind or perhaps Kelly was hiding.
If you want to see Kelly, click here.


Anonymous said...

is the other beale named eliza? and is there a third brother?

tracey said...

kelly and tobias have a younger (i think) sister eliza who is a photographer. you can see some of her good photos at beale's bailiwick. i do not think i really knew eliza but my sister hung out with her a bit.

i do not remember if they had another brother. high school was a long time ago and i wasn't paying much attention at the time - partly due to the corrupting influence of people like the beales :-)

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