Monday, 16 July 2007

construction zone

This is a view of the coach house and my neighbour's buildings taken from the third floor of the big house about 8 year ago.
The reason we have such a good view of the buildings is that the first thing my neighbour did when he bought the house was cut down all the trees on the property. He has decided to continue his rampage against nature by paving half of his backyard and covering it (and my bedroom window) with one of the car palaces that have become so popular on my block. Even the nuns are building one. In true love-thy-neighbour spirit the nuns have started construction at seven a.m. the past three Saturdays and continue for about fourteen hours of unrelenting grinding. It looks as though it might take at least two more - welcome to summer!

Here is what things looked like by this afternoon:
And by quitting time:

And here is how it gets done: and like this:

Watch out kitty!

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