Tuesday, 17 July 2007

the games people play

Here is a welcome distraction from all the hullaballoo under my window.

Julia invited me to play secretillos, in which we reveal seven truths.

Rules of the game:
  • Tagged individuals write seven truths on their blog,
    as well as the rules of the game.
  • They then tag seven people and list them in their blog.
  • They leave a message on the blog of each of the seven
    and invite them to visit and play.
Like Julia "this is my first - and maybe only - such game".
It feels pretty weird but I do not want to be a party pooper.
Thanks for the invite J. I feel like one of the cool kids now.

Do these truths have to be about ourselves?
I tried to read the Spanish and I think so.
All of Julia's are so I will follow that line.
Okay, here goes:
  1. I am a former potter
    Well kinda - I was mostly a bored bartender who got worried
    after spending a winter watching soap operas every afternoon before work.
    I took up pottery instead because I thought it would help me.
    I really wasn't that good at it. Okay - that is more true.
  2. who replaced her addiction to nicotine with an amore of caffè e latte
  3. and dropped out of university 3 times.

  4. Not necessarily in that order.

  5. Once I was sitting on a rooftop in Puerto Escondido having a beer with a friend and moaning about how I did not know what to do with my life - hence the pottery. He said, "Well, you like to travel, why don't you become an English as a Second Language teacher." When I got home I went straight down to the U of Toronto and signed up for the TESL course. Really.

  6. After signing up for the TESL course and buying some text books, I dropped into Pauper's (a bar) to meet someone. Another friend was there having a drink with her friend. I told them what I was doing and the friend of a friend said, "You don't want to be an ESL teacher, you want to be a literacy worker." So I called my local literacy program and became a volunteer tutor. Truly.

  7. That is the true story of how I decided to become an ESL teacher, an ESL/Literacy teacher and a literacy worker - in that order.

  8. I have never travelled anywhere as an ESL teacher. In fact, after I became one, I hardly left the province for quite a long time.

  9. If it weren't for my friends saying, "Hey, why don't you come to Mexico" or my sister saying, "Hey, why don't you come to Cuba" or my cousin saying, "Hey, why don't you come camping" or an old flame saying "Hey, why don't you come to England" I might not have travelled to any of those places either.
For someone who has listed 'self-directed' as one of my special qualities on my résumé, I am shockingly suggestible.

Perhaps I just know a good idea when I hear one. Yeah, that's it.
If they had said sky diver and the tar pits ... I wouldn't have done that.
Really, I am certain of it.

Wendell, Julie, Chris, Martin, Brett, Anthony, Craig, let's hear some truths.


chris said...

Thanks for the invite, Tracey. The game seems kinda cute. A good get-to-know-ye exercise. But i'm averse to the chainletter/"viral" aspect of having to "tag" seven other people and republish the instructions. I love to play and to play games, and, though capable of spontanteity, i'm often a cautious joiner. Good luck with this one.

tracey said...

no problemo.

i hoped people would not find this a drag but knew that they might. i wanted to try it out because this meme thing is new to me.

but check out the blogs - i picked this group because i thought you might enjoy each other's work if you had not seen it before. just a of the few smart, funny, creative people i visit from time to time.


You Already Know Who I Am said...

Hey Tracey,
Glad you like the blog. I too was strangely drawn to yours, photos and writing alike. I'm actually a Canadian masquerading as Londoner, but Ssssh don't let anyone know ;)

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