Friday, 9 January 2009


It is 80s photo day on Twitter so I thought I would post this set of pictures I scanned for my cousins of their visit to Washington DC (we used to live there) in the early 80s. This set is from a trip we made to Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. The people in the photos are my cousin Jill, her husband Geoff, her 3 sons (from oldest to youngest: Stephen, Darryl and wee Ian), my sister Julie and me. The photographer is our friend Keith - he is the foreground of this picture that I took.


bob1967 said...

Mum freaked out because people were smoking pot when we got there and I had a really good ice cream.

risky mouse said...

It is a good thing she didn't come on that trip with Joe :)

risky mouse said...

I am glad you liked the ice cream.

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