Wednesday, 14 January 2009

speaking of the 80s...

Here is a photo, a kinda blurry scan, of my roommates and me sitting on the deck of our first apartment in Toronto. That is me in the middle. The apartment was on Delaware Avenue between Shanly and Hallam. It was a fantastic two-story place with a balcony off the living room and a deck on the third floor. We were a bit scared when we rented this place because it was soooo expensive - $650.00 a month!

We had lots of fun times here. You can tell it is the olden days because of the stubbies (the beer bottles). We used to drink Northern beer in those days. I am pretty sure that the snack is guacamole and corn chips.

I am not sure who took this photo but I think it might have been the same Keith that took the photos in #80sphotoday. The beautiful sweaters drying behind us are ones my mum made for me but that we all used to wear on wintry evenings. She also made the sweater I am wearing. My shoes are from Honest Ed's!

The pink chair in the foreground was a donation from my grandma. I still have it but I painted it blue.

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