Tuesday, 17 June 2008

surprises in galway

I took a train to Galway and got in at about 7 p.m. I checked into the Forster Court hotel and then went for a wander around town. The Forster Court is a lovely hotel. I chose it because it was the highest rated hotel on TripAdvisor that I could afford. Well -- I can't REALLY afford it but as it is the only accommodation I will have to pay for, I decided to splurge a bit. I do not know how people travel around these parts if they do not have nice friends and family who offer them free lodgings -- even the student hostel down the road is about 35 Euros a night ($60 CAD). I had a fantastic room with a balcony and a view. I asked about wireless and was told that I coud have wireless if I moved to a room that had no balcony and was less noisy. I chose the noise and the balcony and did my emailing and blogging in the stairwell. I bet that surprises you -- you predicted I would choose wireless over anything else. It surprised me too.

TV cupboard?


What is in here?


I was pretty tired so I picked up a couple of cans of beer and returned for a lounge around the room and some tv watching. I got a Lisbon Treaty update and then watched saw a documentary by Welsh comedian Rob Brydon called 'My Identity Crisis' about being a Welsh comedian. Apparently it is very difficult to be a Welsh comedian because if you make jokes about Wales, especially about the language, your Welsh friends get upset with you. He goes to Wales to figure out what Welsh people will laugh about and what will offend them. Best line: In a conversation with a friend about Welsh, the friend comments, "The problem with Welsh is that it never really caught on."

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