Monday, 23 June 2008

tate a téte

Once again I say goodbye to to Maidstone Auntie -- it gets no easier -- and head to London Bridge station. I am at London Buddy's by 1:30 and we head out in the glorious sunshine for the Tate Britain. Our bus gets caught in traffic and after 3 lights and no forward progress we hop off, walk down Shaftesbury Ave., through Covent Garden, across Trafalgar Square to the Mall where huge Union Jacks are waving in honour of what I suddenly realize is the 40th anniversary of our family leaving London for Canada, then beside the Serpentine, behind Westminster Abbey where my Mum used to work, along the river to the Tate, eat lunch, look at art and Art, buy presents for Dad (birthday), cross the river, walk by the Houses of P, the Eye and all that, cross back on the Jubilee Bridges (that wobble as the train passes), back up the the Strand, up Charing Cross Road (bookstores!) to Oxford Street where we catch a bus (before we can get tickets out of the machine -- a free ride finally) back to Islington and dinner at the local Strada. A beautiful sparkly last day in London. Thanks London Buddy.

I did not take any pics -- wish I had now but it seemed a bit obvious at the time. How many 10000000000000s of pictures of the Thames does the universe need? But that does not help my blog at all. One of the things I bought my Dad was the mini Tate-to-Tate set and now I can re-enact our walk whenever I want.

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