Saturday, 12 September 2009

a thames tale

This little story, A Thames Tale by Amanda Hinge, is under the Greenwich power station by the river. The website address on the wall no longer works and a google search does not turn up any information on Amanda Hinge.

It was a warm, sunny afternoon. Just the kind of afernoon that Stan liked to take his dog for a walk.

Along the walk, Stan found an old soda can with a message in it. 'I wonder what it could say?'

Stan turned around to find a strange creature looking at him.

Follow me' the creature said, 'and we shall ask the Gatherer.' So Stan followed into the murky depths of the river.

The Gatherer was busy sorting out his collection of bottles. 'Excuse me Mr Gatherer?' Stan coughed. 'But would you be able to tell me what this says?'

At sunset pour the blackest gloop from the depths of the river across the watery bank.

The Gatherer then led Stan to a well where he drew up in a bucket the stickiest, blackest, smelliest gloop Stan had ever seen.

Stan sat on the river bank with his dog and waited for the sunset to come.

Stan did as the message commanded and poured the foul gloop along the river bank.

Right before his eyes, tiny shoots pushed through the earth and grew into a marvellous, colourful jungle of flowers stretching out towards the sky.

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