Saturday, 12 September 2009


While at Greenwich I started to feel a little like a bout of mango face was coming on. It got worse and worse. We called the after hours clinic. They said they would treat me for £58 but it wouldbe FREE if I went to A&E (emergency) even if I was not registered with the National Health Service. We headed off to St. Thomas Hospital at about 23:00. They checked me in right away and the nurse was fantastic. I had to wait about three hours to see a doctor because I was not in any imminent danger. We rang in my birthday amongst the A&E crowd. There were quite a few memorable moments but the funniest was when one of the nurses started calling for a patient named Titty. Every time he called "Titty McCool" all the A&Eers would smirk and one of us would respond "Titty!" Here are the pills they gave me for FREE!

And here is the list of other things people who are allergic to mangoes, avocados and papayas can be allergic to.

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