Saturday, 16 August 2008

home away from home

The flight was disco. Air Canada redeemed itself (on my last flight the crew was quite surly). The cabin lights changed colour on a cycle from purple through red, yellow and orange. The purple was nice and made me feel sleepy and restful. The other colours are a bit alarming.

The seats on the new AC planes are much roomier and you cannot flop them backwards into somebody's lap. Those extra centimetres make a huge difference. I wonder about the new first class seats though. It looks as if people are sitting in a brightly lit bathtub with a lot of sharp edges and annoying distractions. I used to feel quite jealous when I passed through the section with the low, wide leather chairs surrounded by SPACE. But now it looks like a bit of a post-modern nightmare in there.

The tvs, which are the only thing you do not have to pay extra for at this point, did not work properly and we got a coupon. The note said to go to this address for a special compensatory treat. Ha ha ha Air Canada!

Cousin Suz picked me up at the airport and took me for dinner here. We came home, talked literacy, felt exhausted, went to bed, and could not sleep a wink. She got up at who-knows-what time and has done laundry and gone grocery shopping while I am flopping about in my pjs and resorting my belongings for camping.

We are meeting the rest of the family on Newcastle Island this afternoon. I'll be off the grid for a couple of days. See you Wednesday.

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