Friday, 22 August 2008

tapped and dancing

We started the day on 4th Avenue. We shopped for our picnic, one of us picked a book to buy with the money from Auntie Joan, and we bought chocolates for our birthdays and for me to bring home to friends and family. We went home to get our picnic ready and then headed down to the beach. Everybody was in a bit of a goofy mood and there was some tension. My cold was making me feel extremely droopy and short-tempered which probably created most of the tension. We ate and played ball and then 2 of us went for a swim and then got buried in the sand. I did not have the camera so you will just have to imagine it + how much sand came home with us on our shorts, shoes, towels and hair. After showers and the cleaning of the bathroom, we tried to play Monopoly but we were feeling too goofy to concentrate properly. It was a Simpson's Monopoly board and all we could think about was watching the Simpson's. I wonder if the trip to Science World tapped our brains and we needed a long brainless break before they could work again. We decided to play battling tops instead which proved to be exactly our speed that afternoon. Equanimity was restored and the usual good-hearted hilarity resumed.

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