Monday, 25 August 2008

neighbourhood day

It is a glorious summer day. Bright blue sky and bright yellow sun. I feel kind of crap because of my cold but I head off to meet a literacy colleague at Calhoun's on Broadway. It is a fantastic walk and I get there a bit early. I go an poke around the Parthenon and try to go to the funky little second-hand store we visited last summer but it is closed on Mondays. Poop. Probably just as well. I bought quite a bit last year.

I have a great chat with my colleague and then walk back to 4th Ave to do some shopping for dinner. All goes well but I am feeling quite achy and done in so I return to 3rd and Cypress and flop down on the couch and promptly fall into deep sleep. My cousin Kath and Rosie are staying in Sidney with my aunt and have kindly given me the use of their condo. It is such a beautiful and cozy spot. She has a shady balcony that feels like a tree house and her place is decorated in reds and yellows and mementos. It feels like home.

Dinner plans change and we are to meet in a restaurant instead. As I am getting ready to leave I realize how crappy I am feeling and decide to stay in and sleep more. I am sad to miss the festivities but I cannot keep up any longer.

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